Kobe series

Sometimes life sucks then it gets worse.
After being left for dead by his friends, Cobe returns to find his village deserted.

What happened to his family?

With no friends, save a wild dog, named Lucky, Cobe has no hope for survival, until he is shot in the thigh by Adriana.

How can things possibly get worse? Never ask a question you don’t want the answer to.
Read Cobe: Kampot’s Curse to learn if he ever finds happiness.

Living a dog’s life. 
Fixers, that’s what they’re called, a group of supernatural beings that keep the world they live in working. Things break, they fix them. 

Lucky is an Immortal Fixer, but what happens when Immortals start showing up dead? 

Lucky and Death need to discover what is happening to the Fixers before the world as they know it ends in chaos. 

With no heaven or hell to speak of, who could be behind this latest mess? 

Read Cobe II: The Slightly Twisting Path to Neither to learn Lucky’s fate