Helena Brandywine Series

Some monsters are still human.
In a magical 1899 San Francisco, the new millennium is quickly approaching. Of course, new inventions happen every day, some wondrous, some mundane while the streets produce a new murder every night.

Set against this backdrop a debutante goes missing, and socialite Helena Brandywine takes it upon herself, along with her trusted manservant, to discover what happened.

Did the woman run afoul of the Tongs in Chinatown? What horrors might she have exposed? Discover this Gilded Age while Helena uncovers her family’s secrets. The good and evil, where danger lurks around every corner. Can Helena Brandywine be prepared for the monsters she will uncover?

Come search for the Pretty Waiter Girls.

The Second Helena Brandywine Adventure

Some things are worse than death. 

Helena Brandywine had what many would consider an idyllic, pampered life during the Gilded Age in San Francisco. But after discovering ugly truths about her family and community, she found the estate and trappings of wealth a Gilded Cage, from which she broke free to search for her parents. 

Old foes lurk behind every corner while new forces line up against her. An immortal dragon she accidentally released continues to harass her. Unsure who she can trust, she expects betrayal amongst her closest allies. 

Who are the shadowy figures set against her? Will Helena be able to rescue her parents? Will she die trying? Or worse, end up in an insane asylum?

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Dreaming the Impossible. 

Helena Brandywine has discovered the location of the final item needed to complete Mister Wizards Airship. However, the Count Stroganov and his minions are nearby, waiting to get their hands on the ships secrets.

She desperately needs to finish the Airship so she can escape the city and the accusations of her being a dangerous murdering witch. If she fails to leave; San Francisco has planned an extended stay in the local insane asylum. 

A mysterious man is chasing her, an ancient dragon is teaching her, and a new evil has entered the world from her bed. What can possibly go right?

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Gilding is only so thick.

Helena escaped the city, chased out by those that wanted to control her.

Now she is on the run across the country. She must regroup and discover the mystery of what her parents sought and why they disappeared.

Will Helena discover the truth in Saint Augustine?

Fly for freedom.

Helena always thought of Europe as the romantic continent, full of history and mystery waiting to be explored. What she finds breaks her heart, deforested, and smoke choked.

The Russians haunt the Legend’s every move. Will she ever escape their influence?

The old countries are arming with new deadly steam-powered weapons. Will humans survive to see the 20th century?

Will Helena want to live in the next century if it arrives safely?

What secrets might the Vatican possibly hold?

Helena found Europe on the brink of war. She hated to admit her Aunt Deirdre was right.

Seeking the path of the soul; will she find herself worthy?

The fight over Malta has already started; will the rest of the Mediterranean follow?

Is she ready for her crusade and what she might discover in Rhodes? Where might it lead her next?

Way of the Soul.

The search for Dragon Tears continues; Helena followed the path of the Crusaders into the Holy Land.

Did the knights of old forget anything hidden under the last stronghold in Acre?

German allies of the Turks have overrun the ancient city. Warships guard the coast.

A deadly creature haunts the catacombs, draining humans of all life.

Will Helena find what she searches for in The Holy Land?

The truth will set you free?
The truth has only brought Helena misery. Her trip to China and her appointment with the end of the world has been put on hold.
Being shot out of the sky tends to put a damper on a woman’s plans.
Before she can consider traveling to the Far East, she needs to deliver a dragon egg to the country of Mysore.
Which is worse, desert or swamp? 
Read Mysore book eight in the Helena Brandywine series.

The past is the key.
Helena and the Legend have finally reached China, still one Dragon tear short. She needs to meet a contact under the streets of Guangzhou.
Locate the Land of Immortals so she can rescue Tsang Mei.
Find the lost policeman and pull him from any danger he might have gotten himself into.
Locate her father if he is still alive.
All while stopping the end of the world, plotted by the Rakshasa from before the beginning of time.
No pressure.
Follow Helena as she searches for Shangri-La and her father in the final Helena Brandywine novel.