Helena Brandywine Mini Adventure

Strange world: creatures are more civilized than men.

Set in the Helena Brandywine universe, this story follows the adventures “The Slaughter Sisters.” Humans have become more monstrous than the legendary creatures the women are hired to seek out.

How is a monster hunter meant to survive?

“The Slaughter Sisters” are premier monster hunters in the North East, the only problem the legendary creatures are blending in with the human denizens of the world, while the human charlatans take their place. After a brush with the dreaded New Jersey devil, the sisters must flee their home of Yonkers, to escape the dreaded local matchmaker.

Fearing for their independence, they escape to New York City to search for any job available.

They uncover a series of disappearances around the notorious Five Points. Who is behind the missing people, monsters, or humans?

“The Slaughter Sisters” will discover who is behind it all!

Set in the Helena Brandywine universe, this story is the second Slaughter Sisters adventure. 

What’s a girl to do?

Chastity’s sisters left her home alone for a week, what would any red-blooded American tinker do? Why invent of course. 

Too bad the nosy matchmaker Mrs. Katz brought along a prospective husband and mystery for Chastity to sink her teeth into.

Who could be tormenting a local Synagogue? How is the death of the previous Rabbi involved, what is with the half-man half-pig creature lurking about?

In Dust to Dust It is up to Chastity Slaughter to find out while her sisters are away.

Set in the Helena Brandywine universe, this story is the third adventure of The Slaughter Sisters. 

New York is alive with magic.

Deep in the heart of Chinatown the alleys hide a secret.

There’s a building that uses magic to mask itself from the mundane mortals that live around it.

A good friend asked the Slaughter Sisters to find a wayward fiancée. How far are they willing to go?

What new monster is tempting men, both young and old to their demise?

In Ashes to Ashes the Slaughter Sisters find an escapee from hell itself. Will they survive?