Fractured Lands Series

Loss of the Resolute: A Dark Fantasy

There are times in which nothing is certain, in which no man’s life or destiny can be taken for granted. There are lands where battles still scar the earth, and in which rival kingdoms never cease striving for dominance. In such times, and in such places, life is cheap, and death comes quickly. In such times and places, there are victors and victims… and nothing in between. In Loss of the Resolute, author Greg Alldredge takes us into a bold new heart of fantasy darkness, and leaves us shaken, thrilled, and eager for more. For fans of Game of Thrones, this prequel to an epic fantasy series is guaranteed to get the adrenaline pumping, and is sure to grip readers from the first fantastical page to the last.

As city states wage war upon each other in an endless battle for supremacy and dominance, and as pirates and slavers comb the seas seeking their victims and carving out their territory, danger in The Fractured Lands is as much of a fact of life as breathing, eating, or sleeping. We’re introduced to Kanika, who is engaged in a spiralling struggle to keep one step ahead of death – something which lurks behind every jagged hillside, behind every drystone wall, and beneath the surface of every expanse of water – as she tries to find her path in an uncaring world, already soaked in the blood of each dark age. When a mysterious man enters her life, a thousand questions rise up from the depths: who is he? How will he affect her path? Can he be trusted? Does she need a man in her life? All of these questions – and many more besides – will answer themselves as we wander through the dark fantasy of The Fractured Lands, and as we’re dragged towards the thrilling conclusion of this stunning work of immersive fiction.

Life is cheap.

Powerful families vie for control over their cities and beyond.

Two teens put the welfare of the people over their happiness.
Will their sacrifice be worth the risk?

Families turn on one another as quick as caged animals.

The war ends, but the attacks continue, striking close to home.

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Magic comes with a price.
Refined and ancient weapons alike are being used against the free city of Zar.
A cold rain blows in from the south, bringing misgivings.
Who is responsible for all the death?
The people yearn for freedom.
The war on the unaligned shard of Shakopee heats up.
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